New Managers’ peer learning groups

I’ve just finished supporting the first of our New Managers’ peer learning groups, the first programme I’ve had the pleasure to be part of from the start. I loved it!   Facilitated by the talented and personable Colin Chrebelski from DGi, the group gave around 10 new managers the chance to meet up on a monthly basis over 6 months or so to discuss, talk and ponder issues, niggles and experiences a new manager may have.

What did I find impressive?

  • The ‘space’ for people to talk about ideas that inspired them, be it a TED talk, a book or perhaps a technique they already use at work: Six Thinking Hats, Nigel Risner’s ‘animal metaphors’, etc
  • Having the space and time to meet up with the same people regularly and to hear how their work life is going or developing
  • Seeing them grow in confidence from session to session, feeding back on things that they’d tried that went well, or perhaps not so well!
  • The energy and enthusiasm of the group
  • The ‘warm’ environment of support and respect, but that’s not to say their views weren’t challenged…

What did I learn?

  • YOU drive the behaviour you get – so important for life not just for work
  • Some things are not your problem
  • How diverse organisations are – obviously they are made up of people but the culture of organisations really can differ from place to place, even team to team. If I’m ever looking for a new job I will certainly be trying to tease out what the culture and people are like and whether or not it is the right environment for me
  • How people really value their work and how to make it work well

Listening to the final feedback it was apparent that nearly everyone had thought at some point ‘perhaps my situation isn’t as bad as I thought!’ I was also struck how lucky these new managers were to have this kind of support from their line managers, allowing and encouraging them to supervise their teams effectively and in a constructive way – hopefully passing on good management techniques in the future.

Written by Louise Rushworth


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