Recruitment Gateway

This morning I attended one of our Breakfast Meetings which was focused on Employing staff, tips on writing job adverts and interviewing. All really relevant topics for me, given that my job role here at Cambridge Network is to look after our Recruitment Gateway. Richard from Whitehill Pelham spoke about advertising jobs initially, which was interesting and got everyone talking.

For some in the room this was a bit of a refresher, to remind us all to get creative when trying to attract talent. For others it was new ground.

As a recruiter it is easy to assume that everyone is capable of writing a compelling job advert. Many of our members are start-up businesses, scaling up and looking to employ staff for the first time, for those businesses this process can be both alien and daunting.

Seeing hundreds of job adverts coming through our Recruitment Gateway every week, it is safe to say that many companies fall into the trap of using too much internal jargon and forgetting to engage with candidates when advertising.

I have seen the Cambridge jobs market change many times during the 11 + years that I have worked within the recruitment sector. Yet some companies still haven’t adapted their job advertising to appeal to the changing applicant market. Cambridge has always been buoyant when it comes to jobs and candidates (although…. if whoever is hiding all of the Software Engineers right now could free them, that would be great!). During the tough few years after 2008, when we saw redundancies and businesses holding fire on their permanent hire, there was still a lot of temporary and contract recruitment going on in the area. Throughout these changes, have we really thought about our new applicant market and the ways that we advertise to attract talent today?

Katherine Wiid from Recrion was next to present. Katherine covered shortlisting and interviewing the do’s and don’ts. Again another thought provoking subject – to panel interview or not to panel interview that is the question?

Written by Claire Angus


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