The Recruitment Gateway launches its first recruitment peer learning group….

We have run peer learning groups at Cambridge Network for a while now and have groups of PA’s, Embedded Software Engineers, Marketers and HR professionals (to name a few of our existing groups) that come together to meet on a regular basis. Following internal conversations at Cambridge Network and a gentle push from Sarah at The Royal Society of Chemistry!  We decided to launch our “recruitment” group.

Our group met this morning at RSC for the first time, for coffee at 9.30am.

Numbers had gone up and down a bit following the initial invites being sent out…we had so much interest at one point that we had a waiting list! We ended up with a nice group of 19 today which was perfect!

A room full of In house recruiters/TA and HR specialists ensured that there was plenty of conversation and some really interesting discussions. This first session was an opportunity firstly for us all to meet and get to know each other and secondly to set topics for our following meetings.

We spoke about apprenticeships, talent pooling, screening, diversity and inclusion and overseas hiring, among many other subjects. We will be grouping some of these together to form the topics for our next meetings throughout the year.

A great first meeting! I am now busy sourcing some interesting speakers to enhance the sessions before we meet again in May.

Written by Claire Angus


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