My year at Cambridge Network

I have been employed since I was 16. During that time I have never taken a temporary role, as I have always wanted the security of permanent positions. But after my redundancy from OnMobile, I decided I wanted to get back to basics and take the time to decide what I wanted to do.

The role at Cambridge Network was marketing and membership. It seemed like a good fit, and I decided to take a risk with a maternity cover position.  Cambridge Network is a not for profit and a membership organisation, two things I have not encountered before.  So I figured I could broaden my horizon, meet new people and get to know some of the Cambridge companies, all good things for the future.

After a two week handover, I was off. One of the first things I found was I was always very aware it was not my role.  Rightly or wrongly, I felt that I was “looking after” the role until its owner came back. The files did not have my name on them, the processes were not mine and I also felt I should not change them.

After a while this did diminish (a bit), I had ideas and wanted to implement them. I decided to change the welcome emails, my tone was slightly different on the social media channels, as was my interaction with members. I helped out at Agri-tech East events (Norfolk Show and Reap…great fun) and I started to feel more comfortable.

My favourite project to date is the launch of the company blog.  A more relaxed way to communicate with members and we could bring videos into the mix.

I decided on the look and feel, asked colleagues to write some posts, sourced imagery, pulled it all together and it was ready for its soft launch.  The blog is growing month on month and visitors have increased by 51% over the last couple of months. So all in all a success.

On reflection, I think it has been a good move. I have met some great people, had fun with social media, gained skills with the launch of the blog and I have increased my knowledge of Cambridge businesses.

Would I recommend taking a temporary role? Not if you are risk averse, like to control everything and need that security that a permanent role brings.
Yes, if you want a little breathing space or if you want to try something new, take a risk……who knows where it might lead.

Written by Dawn Mason


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